Updates 1st June 2020

Monday 1st June 2020
By Brecht De Man

An overview of all the fixes and improvements we've added this week

After a few weeks of working behind the scenes, we’re front and centre again with these very visible updates. As always, feedback from beta users is heavily shaping our list of priorities, sometimes releasing fixes within a few days of hearing about them.

Fit and trim

Our core focus this week was the Timeline, the most powerful but complex view we have. More specifically, we fixed all kinds of “trimming”, of which there are many! Looped and unlooped, audio and MIDI, start and end, snapped to the grid or free, ... These should now all behave as expected.

For easier resizing and moving of even the smallest regions, the trim and loop buttons now float on either side instead of being crammed into the region itself. In addition, you can no longer place two regions on top of one another. Partial overlap is still possible and will automatically apply a standard crossfade.

Making waves

Also in the Timeline, the waveforms on audio regions are now peak-based (instead of a moving energy window) and – if you zoom in enough – sample-accurate. It will look a bit different, but very handy when you need to visually trim a region precisely to the start of a note. The best thing is the way we’ve done it isn’t even reducing performance – the opposite actually!

Faders by Faders

To make sure we do our name justice, the “Faders” in the Mixer view received a long overdue makeover as well. They now include annotations in number of decibels, and a more sophisticated meter which resets when clicked, shows the highest registered peak value, and clearly shows the 0 dB value.

The armed state of tracks is clearer, too, with the whole track shaded dark red in both Timeline and Mixer view when it is enabled for recording.

And... action!

Infinite action history is giving us near-infinite work – but we still believe it is well worth it! Some more actions that are now undoable and redoable without issue include deleting tracks with regions, deleting buses, moving sends around, and changing track colour. If you catch any more issues, send them our way and we’ll get it done in time for the next release.

Small talk

  • Editing the clock, BPM or time signature is a frustration-free experience now: just double click, type something, and move on with your life!

  • You cannot kill the audio by deleting a soloed track or hiding a soloed click track anymore (whoops).

  • The stage view also shows a channel strip for recently created tracks, no refresh needed.

  • The session loop behaviour is as intended now, for instance if you enable looping or move the playhead during playback.

  • Drawing a session loop also works without snapping (disabling the “magnet” button).

  • The active session loop is now a more obvious green.

  • Creating a MIDI track will always add default synth: it’s no longer possible to have zero synths – or two.

  • Large file uploads are more resilient, and when they fail you’ll get helpful info.

  • Missing files can be reuploaded, selected from your online storage, or omitted from the session.

  • You’ll no longer accidentally drag an “image” when dragging around the piano roll.

  • Selecting multiple tracks (with Cmd/Ctrl or Shift) is persistent now, so you don’t have to keep the modifier keys depressed when editing or moving all tracks at once.

  • By popular demand we added “normal” close buttons to the FX pane and piano roll.

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