Less Is More

Monday 15th February 2021
By Brecht De Man

Specifically, less clutter and more awesomeness

Hard as it is to kill your darlings, we’ve identified a few features and components to hide or remove, so we can spend more time and energy on what really matters. These parts either don’t add much to the creator’s experience, don’t fully work yet, or both.

In particular, you’ll no longer see the lock button or notes (both of which are more important for the upcoming collaborative functionality), the SimpleOscillator synth (which is actually our click track, but acts weirdly if you try to play it like a real synthesiser), the Deselect menu item (just click anywhere to get rid of your selection!), automation of Sends (which has a few issues and only gets used occasionally by serious mixing power users), the randomise button (a fun but messy feature you may have noticed), and the still somewhat buggy waveforms on the groups, master and buses.

Bouncy tunes

A few improvements have made bouncing a session – downloading it as an audio file – even better. The start time can be any time, a green button clearly shows only when the process is finished, and an optional declipping function allows you to scale the audio in case of clipping, or to always make it as loud as it can be without any clipping.

MIDI on schedule

Some crucial behind-the-scenes fixes to the playback scheduler make sure every note you record or draw is actually heard. When you change octave on the Computer Keyboard (plus and minus keys) or disarm the MIDI track, a note-off signal is sent so that there are no lingering notes that are hard to stop.

Small Is Beautiful

As usual, the bulk of the issues you helped highlight prompt small but crucial fixes, such as:

  • The session loading modal reports the number of assets remaining, now including any plugin assets, such as Convolution Reverb impulse responses and – crucially! – Drummer samples.

  • Occasionally, sessions would stop loading because some synths would get loaded twice, which breaks some constraints and forces you to refresh. That should no longer happen now.

  • Undoing and redoing works well after adding FX to tracks.

  • The FX bypass buttons in the Mixer view and on the FX themselves look and work the same.

  • You’ll get a helpful error when trying to make your own preset with same name.

  • You can now also make drum machine presets, which consist of a kit (currently one of the six built-in ones) and the respective level, pan, pitch and decay parameters for each of the 16 samples.

  • When disarming a track after recording, the recorded region isn’t automatically trimmed to where the playhead is.

  • Deleting a bus also properly removes any sends routed to that bus (after an extra confirmation step).

  • When looping a region, the “loop” and “trim” bars are replaced with just one “loop” bar, which is less confusing. You can still “trim” which segment is looped by dragging any of the intermediate looping points.

  • The solo button of the Click Track looks and functions the same as the other tracks, with the exception that the click track is audible by default (unless it is muted or disabled). Soloing the Click Track is redundant except if you wish to only hear the click track, e.g. for recording a part without hearing any other tracks.

We continue to address your feedback on a weekly basis, in parallel to development on big new features! Stay tuned...

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