Updates 15th November 2019

Friday 15th November 2019
By Brecht De Man

An overview of all the fixes and improvements we've added this week

In the loop

Another week, another release. Thanks to your input and many hours of debugging, we have a whole new list of fixes and functionality for you to test and enjoy. We’ll keep you in the loop as we add new features and address your feedback – and we hope you return the favour by letting us know what you think!


Our main synth (software instrument) now sounds as intended when playing a MIDI region of recorded or programmed notes. We packed as much synthesis power as possible in this simple and small design. We’re keen to find out what you manage to do with it! More synths and FX will be coming your way.

MIDI regions can now be infinitely extended, trimmed, or looped. Like with audio regions, any notes outside of the trimmed region are still there, they just aren’t audible.

The promised MIDI editor overhaul is fully underway, and we can’t wait to show the new design and functionality! We want to get it right from the start though, so please be patient for a little while longer.

Moving tracks

We noticed reordering tracks and putting them in groups could be a real ... (don’t say it) ... drag. We fixed a number of issues in this area so you should no longer be redirected to nonsense links and your changes will be preserved if you refresh.

In addition to dragging, did you know you can right-click/control-click a track to move it to an existing group? That functionality got a lot more robust now, as we are storing the session structure correctly and limiting the hierarchy to four levels (that’s a track-in-a-group-in-a-group-in-a-group!). It's no longer possible to move a group into itself: if you previously tried to move a group into itself and lived to tell the tale, let us know and we’ll look into refunding any exploded laptops.

A little less conversation

After first loading the session, your internet connection should only be used for the minimum information needed to perfectly restore your session when you close and open at a later time. We were still a little verbose in that area, sometimes telling a server something it already knows - a waste of electricity! What this means for you is fewer orange warning messages saying “Your request could not be completed”.

Cross-browser support

Browser compatibility is going to be a recurring a theme in the release notes. While we are very close to offering the same (and sometimes better) functionality in Chrome, this week we spent some time on Safari’s little quirks.

For now, you’ll probably still get the best experience in Firefox. However, if you’re the adventurous type we also enjoy your feedback about other browsers!

All the small things

  • Instrument types: Templates and Tasks will now show the track instrument types. This is especially helpful in the Routing and Mixing task, which has as many as 19 professionally recorded tracks. (If you want to refresh a task session, go to the list view in My Library and delete the corresponding session!)

  • Compressor ratio slider: our basic FX pack has been on our minds from day one, and its core philosophy is to make the classic audio effects more intuitive and self-explanatory. For the compressor, we just built a ratio slider which lines up perfectly with the interactive curve, making it very visual and intuitive!

  • Group solo: Solo states weren’t all preserved when reloading a session, so we gave the solo logic a little love.

  • Register and sign in issues: we issued a quick patch during the week to address some further issues with logging in. Let us know if you still encounter any.

Future music

The MIDI editor continues to keep us busy by day and awake at night. But our main priority is still to listen to you, and fixing any error you spot. We hope you all create some great sounding content this weekend, and look forward to reading all the messages Monday morning!

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