Key additions

Monday 2nd August 2021
By Brecht De Man

A new Rhodes piano instrument and much more

With an increasing number of users, we are getting a lot of inspiration from the forum and private messages. On several occasions, you’ve even invited us to collaborative sessions so we can see your workflow in real time. And that’s the goal: to make a platform for you, tailored to your needs, not held back by tradition or legacy frameworks. We hope you like what we did this summer - let us know!

Key additions

We’ve added a vintage keyboard to our MIDI instrument suite! The new “Rhodes” instrument is a tasty 1977 Rhodes Mark I, carefully sampled to high precision for your pleasure. Our revamped sampler engine will be core to future additions too, so stay tuned! (Or slightly de-tuned, like the lower octave of this temperamental soul machine.)

Duly noted

Notes are back. Switch them on by clicking the top left “post-it” button on the Timeline: this reveals a master notes track at the very top, and a notes track on every other track, group or bus. Handy markers appear on the Timeline ruler even when notes are collapsed, so they can be used for everything from song structure annotation to queries for collaborators.

In the right hand side bar (click your avatar), the notes menu gives an overview of all notes on all tracks, and some details when you click them. Click any note to read the conversation, reply, or remove the note.

And so on

  • The mysterious fire button appeared in the FX modal too… Use it to auto-suggest a plugin chain on a selected channel, and make sure they have some audio and/or an instrument label.

  • In collaborative sessions, the floating talkback icon can now be dragged around, in case it blocks something on the bottom right, or you just like it somewhere else.

  • Undo and redo shortcut keys are now supported across all systems (Ctrl/Cmd plus Z to undo, and plus Y or Shift-Z to redo), after resolving a Windows-specific issue.

  • The Stage view updates in real time when track names and labels are changed by a collaborator. In general the collaborative mode has become even more responsive.

  • Bouncing a session is more robust against failure previously triggered by automation graphs.

  • The note length slider is persistent so that new notes have the correct length.

  • For a little while, regions would visually disappear when dragged to another track.

  • The space bar no longer toggles visibility of certain elements, like dropdown menus, the side pane or piano roll. It should only stop and start playback.

  • After repeated suggestions from the community we replaced the “headphones” icon with the letter S to denote solo on each track.

  • When using the computer keyboard to play armed MIDI synths, it will automatically go to available notes. In practice this means that when you select the Drummer, the keyboard is transposed down two octaves to have most of the sounds available at once.

  • The backspace key will delete any selected MIDI notes, and will only delete the region if no MIDI notes are currently selected in the piano roll.

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