Cut through the noise

Thursday 2nd September 2021
By Brecht De Man

Speech is silver, silence is wasteful

As we get an ever larger and more diverse audience, we hear lots of interesting use cases and stories about how you’ve been using Faders. For the past little while, we’ve developed some features which make recording and editing of audio easier, faster and more lightweight.

Gated recording

If you ever find yourself recording speech, intermittent noise, or musical parts with lots of silence, you might appreciate the new Gated Recording mode. To enable it, click the dropdown arrow on any audio track's record arm button and select the mode. After setting a level threshold, it will only really start recording when the input level exceeds that. If it drops below that level again for a few seconds, it will stop recording but continue playing until the threshold level is reached again.

What this means is that you will end up with several smaller audio files, instead of one big file containing mostly silence or background noise. This saves some storage, removes unwanted noise, and clearly shows when that particular part is active. Great for podcasting, conference recording, ... and the occasional triangle in your elaborate song arrangement?

Automatic editing

If you start from imported audio or regular recordings, you can apply the same “gating” after the fact with our new automatic editing function. On any track with audio regions, click the ellipsis button (“...”) and then the scissors icon. Here you can set the threshold as well as Lead In time (cutting a specified time before the first loud enough sound) and Hold time (cutting a specified time after the sound went below the threshold). Play around until it cuts just right, and click apply to make the change permanent.

And did we mention?

Well, now we do. if you type “@” in a note or in the chat, user names of collaborators in that session will appear so you can easily “mention” them. As you continue typing, the corresponding name(s) will remain, and you can use the autocomplete function by clicking them or using arrow and enter keys. In future versions, we will integrate notifications so you can grab someone’s attention even when they are not online.


  • We fixed a file bug that would occasionally make the DAW lose track of a file, particularly with quick successive uploads like with short audio recordings or MIDI edits.

  • We cleaned up the ordering of the UI elements, so that elements like dropdown menus, side panes, dialogs, buttons, playheads... are in front or behind other things when they need to be.

  • Following the recent introduction of notes, we fixed and enhanced a few things in that department.

  • Most notably, you can now make notes anywhere in a collaborative session, provided you have the note creation (or note deletion) privilege.

  • We fixed Mute button automation, making sure it is either on or off and not slowly fading in and out.

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