Updates 20th April 2020

Monday 20th April 2020
By Brecht De Man

An overview of all the fixes and improvements we've added this week

Since our beta launch last week, we’ve been blessed with lots of feedback from our very observant early adopters, which has helped us tremendously to identify and prioritise issues. In return we aim to be very quick in addressing these issues, so that you’ll have a noticeably better DAW every week. Here are some of the key areas where we improved.


Cut and paste is now working: right click a region to open its context menu, then click “Cut” – the region disappears. Right click again in empty space, on any track, and “Paste” should make the region appear there. You can Paste as much as you want after Cutting once!

Along the same vein, Copy and Paste now makes the duplicate regions appear in the right place (we were counting beats instead of seconds...).

Cache me if you can

With all the benefits of an online platform, one question we hear is what the impact of broadband quality is on the experience. The answer is: not very much! Provided you usually use the same device, any recording will only be uploaded once, and when you use any of our built-in assets they will be downloaded only once. The same is true for waveforms – at least as of this release it is! You’ll notice the load time of sessions with quite a bit of audio is even lower.

Communication with the database is streamlined yet again, this time by only requesting the available plugins once each session, and by eliminating an extra request that happened when the session loop was first set.

Like it never happened

We pride ourselves on our infinite action history, so it makes sense to give it some love every once in a while. Some actions are actually a chain of mini-actions, which you want to undo or redo all in one go. For instance, when you move a Stage view object back to its original position, we’re undoing a level and pan change at the same time. The same goes for any manipulation of several selected tracks or regions simultaneously.

The redo button becomes active when there are recently undone things, and no new actions have taken place since then. Now it stays active even when switching between the Timeline/Mixer/Stage view, which previously broke it. Finally, changes to the session loop are also undone and redone instantly.

Register this

The registration page is where it all starts, so we want to get this exactly right. We made the error notifications and requirements quite obvious so that you can start your journey without any frustration.

If you happen to be logged out (due to inactivity or when you log in on a different device), the DAW will show you a clear notification and ask you to sign in again.

Little by little

To conclude, we're also shipping the following fixes:

  • Favouriting FX is more reliable, and you can click a favourited effect from the FX browser for quickly adding your bread and butter.

  • The synth preset menu used to go out of view in the piano roll’s synth pop-up.

  • You can now also drag the lines between the automation nodes for binary parameters (like Mute).

  • There were some snapping problems when 0:00 (the start of the session) were not in view, but every Timeline action should now “stick” to the minor gridlines when the magnet button is activated.

  • Bubbles on regions should show a percentage on load.

  • Regions are a little transparent so that you can see all waveforms in case two overlap. One exception: a selected region (or the first of several regions to be selected) will always be on top.

  • Some UI optimisation means we go easier on your hardware and your experience becomes (a lot) smoother!

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