Our best button yet

Monday 21st June 2021
By Brecht De Man

Click it, I dare you!

In this post we’ll dive into some of the smart features we’ve been integrating recently. You are still in the driver’s seat and in control of the whole DAW, but gained a few intelligent assistants to get to where you want to be faster!

Your one-click mix

You may have noticed the ‘fire’ button on the top right, but did you dare to click it yet? It currently packs all of our automixing power, including grouping tracks, setting levels, panning across the stereo spectrum, and adding FX such as equalisation and compression. To do this, it analyses the track content, compares tracks with each other, and takes into account instrument labelling if available. The system then figures out a likely suitable balance and stereo positioning so that the level and spread are just right. And don’t worry – if you don’t like what it does just yet, you can just click the Undo button.

Setting boundaries

If you have the right privileges, you can run this in a collaborative session as well, taking control over all tracks and locking out others while adjustments are made. As this may get disruptive when you’re working on a particular track, we introduced the possibility to lock tracks as you assign them, preventing them from being reassigned until you release the lock.

Sharing your recording with someone who can edit and mix it? Inviting a musician to record an instrument you can’t play yourself? Teaching someone audio production in an extremely hands-on way? We support all of it.

Label it

Our smart tools still include a powerful instrument recognition algorithm, which analyses a track’s audio with the click of a button, and changes the label to the most appropriate category. But in many cases we can take a shortcut: the instrument labels are now set based on the track name as you type it (“vocal 1”, “HH”, …), or based on the file name of imported audio.

We’ll continue to add smart features to make your workflow as fast and smooth as possible. Until then, try clicking the button and see if it gets you to a good starting point, inspires some new ideas, or polishes your mix ready for sharing!  

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