Collaboration Is Here

Friday 23rd April 2021
By Brecht De Man

Make music together apart!

We’ve been a bit quiet... with good reason! As of this week, Faders is a collaborative music creation platform. We developed a unique system – patent pending – that allows multi-user sessions with minimal chaos and maximum flexibility.


Don’t worry: all your sessions from before are still there, with all the same functionality. We have just rewritten the platform to account for ownership of certain elements, and access rights to specific functions.


Our particular system relies on a session owner creating and managing a session, and any number (currently capped at 9) of invited guests enjoying certain ‘privileges’, from mere spectator to an all-access partner. Each track, group or bus can be assigned to just one person, who can then record or import something to it, edit regions, change level, modify effect parameters, and so on.

Sharing your recording with someone who can edit and mix it? Inviting a musician to record an instrument you can’t play yourself? Teaching someone audio production in an extremely hands-on way? We support all of it.


When you are collaborating remotely, you’ll want to talk about what you are doing or what you want others to do. That’s why we implemented various modes of communication within the app itself.

In the collaboration side pane, you will find a microphone and camera button at the top. You can also enable audio or video chat over the “talkback” control that appears in the bottom right corner whenever you are in a collaborative session. Here you can adjust elementary settings like your own microphone level, and enabling or disabling incoming and outgoing streams. Make sure to allow the browser to access the relevant devices when prompted.

When others are offline, you can still leave messages for them via the chat.


We expect at least some teething problems, and we want to hear about them as soon as possible! You may also have ideas about what you would like to see next, or need help figuring something out. Please reach out to us via email, the forum, or our social media accounts, for any and all feedback:

Email (

Forum (

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