Updates 23rd June 2020

Tuesday 23rd June 2020
By Brecht De Man

An overview of all the fixes and improvements we've added this week

It’s been a busy two weeks as we powered through most of our backlog, full of helpful feedback from the community, as well as some bugs we spotted ourselves. We hope you’ll take it for another spin and notice the difference!

Have some free sounds

We’re happy to announce a partnership with the wonderful initiative from the Music Technology Group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Freesound is exactly what it sounds like: an entire website consisting of sounds that you can use for free. And now you can browse these from within the DAW! Just type a search term in the Library tab, and we’ll list all relevant sounds you can use freely in your sessions under the Creative Commons Zero licence:

CC0 1.0 Universal

They see me rollin’

It was time to give the piano roll some love again, to make it more powerful and intuitive. You’ll now only be able to see the region you’re editing, and not the whole session’s timeline. The side pane received a makeover with a new record-arm button and input source dropdown menu. Note that due to differences between browser implementations, Firefox only allows recording the computer keyboard, but Chrome-like browsers actually detect your connected MIDI devices!

In other MIDI news, extending MIDI regions is now persistent on refresh (even if the extension doesn’t have any new MIDI notes), and we resolved an issue causing recorded MIDI regions not to be stored.

Regional conflicts

We imposed some constraints on regions so that they can no longer fully encapsulate another region. Instead, they will partially overlap (with a crossfade), or be cut off when the next region starts. Don’t worry, the whole file is still there: just make some space and extend the region. If you want two regions playing at the exact same time, you’ll have to put them on separate track from now on.

Key issues

We’re big fans of mouses (mice?) and touchscreens, but power users will still have ample use for a keyboard. We accommodate an increasing set of keyboard shortcuts, but also did some other work in this area. For instance, double clicking the fader level, pan pot, or clock is far less fiddly and nicer to look at. When you have “musical typing” enabled (allowing you to control over two octaves at a time of the built-in synths with your keyboard), you’ll no longer accidentally trigger some keyboard shortcuts we missed. Conversely, musical typing is temporarily disabled if you are entering text into a text input field, like a track name or exported file name.

Powering through

As usual 80% of the time was spent on the above 20% – with the other 80% of the time spent on the remaining 80%:

  • Another big performance win: the number of functions on every mouse move was reduced drastically. Notice everything is smoother now?

  • Duplicating tracks with regions on it will no longer break the session.

  • The Undo and Redo icon are always up to date, as soon as you do an undoable action.

  • Undoing automation edits works.

  • When dragging a line between two automation nodes, the line stays highlighted throughout.

  • The Timeline will always scroll left or right automatically when dragging a region there.

  • The waveform is better in sync with the audio.

  • Made more text and images unselectable.

  • Made bounce modal font sizes consistent.

  • You can safely record to a track that’s in a group.

  • Clicking “away” from the Send popup closes it.

  • Adding a Send to a new bus takes one click instead of two.

  • The Send level value is shown above the Send fader.

  • Sending the click track to a bus no longer makes the bus waveform disappear.

  • The clock no longer glitches during recording.

  • Moving multiple tracks preserves their relative order.

  • You can open the synth controls from the track holder (just click the little piano icon next to the synth name).

  • You cannot accidentally have two synths on one track (which makes the universe explode).

  • Refreshing with a track record-armed no longer breaks playback afterwards.

  • Record disarm doesn’t interrupt playback.

  • The region extender buttons are always visible, even with small track heights.

  • The “ghost” following a dragged file is far quicker than it used to be.

  • Changing master or click track height properly updates all region positions.

  • More robust against errors from the database.

  • When MIDI notes to small too extend, show only the “move” cursor.

  • Alt+drag to copy a region is more robust.

Did we break anything in the process? Please let us know!

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