Updates 27th April 2020

Monday 27th April 2020
By Brecht De Man

An overview of all the fixes and improvements we've added this week

What’s your favourite thing about having a DAW in the cloud? It may be the access from any device anywhere in the world, the lack of download and installation, the convenient automatic storage and backup...

But some may be happier with a desktop version that you can install, open like an app, and use with intermittent internet connection. With Faders, you don’t have to choose. You can now download a Windows, Mac and Linux version of our app from the Download link in the header of this page.

That’s not all we did last week though. In addition to building a standalone app, we also addressed your recent feedback and some bugs of our own.

Do you copy?

When you copy an audio region, it creates a new region which links to the same underlying file, maybe with a different start and end point, fade-in or fade-out. This is usually the desired behaviour as you don’t want to store a new file every time you schedule a certain kick drum sample. If you edit the file itself, for instance adjusting a note’s pitch or removing noise, you often want this applied to each instance.

With MIDI, the situation is a bit different as files don’t take up much space at all, and you’ll often want to make a variation on a previous idea throughout the song. As of this version, we therefore make true copies of MIDI files whenever a MIDI region is copied. This means you can add, remove, and adjust notes to the duplicate without affecting the original region.

Major UI performance upgrade

As usual, the biggest jobs tend to be largely invisible. This week, tons of redundant computations were weeded out to make the DAW much less likely to run out of CPU on your machine. Let us know if you’re ever meeting particular performance limits and we’ll see what we can do!

Once more with feeling

We keep at our crusade to improve the Undo and Redo functionality. It means every action needs to be logged and reversible, and re-reversible… But we believe it’s worth it if it means you can go back in time to any state of your session. Specifically, the Undo menu shows the right action in the ‘Title text’ on hover, and you can visually select up to five Undo or Redo items at a time.

Who will not keep a penny...

... shall never have many. Which is why we keep powering through the smaller fixes and user experience improvements, and you can enjoy a better DAW every week based on the comments you had on the last version.

  • When scanning for audio input sources in the Timeline, they will remain available in the Mixer, and vice versa.

  • The same “Rescan” doesn’t stay highlighted in the mixer after clicking it.

  • When auditioning loops in the Loop browser, playback will stop when starting another loop, navigating away from the folder, or closing the side pane.

  • When entering an invalid time signature, the previous one will be maintained.

  • We’ve removed the in-app messenger temporarily, awaiting true collaborative functionality. Until then, you can still reach us via the feedback button, via email, on social media, ...

  • If a track is open in the FX bar when you delete it, the FX bar will close.

  • You can double click the stage canvas to exit a group and navigate to the next level up.

  • Right clicking a track in Mixer view consistently selects it as well.

  • You can alt+click the Timeline track holder minifaders to reset the track level to zero.

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