Updates 28th July 2020

Tuesday 28th July 2020
By Brecht De Man

An overview of all the fixes and improvements we've added this week

We’re excited to announce the latest series of bug fixes and other enhancements to the platform. As usual, you – the creators! – have been essential in highlighting the most important annoyances or blockers in your workflow. We hope there aren’t very many anymore, but we especially hope you keep telling us about them!

Piano forte

Our piano roll is growing ever stronger, as we pack the kind of functionality you’d expect in a full-blown MIDI editor, and fix a few things.

  • Both the canvas and the individual notes show a context menu on right click.

  • The piano roll is closed when the region it shows is removed from the session.

  • The button to audition notes is now in a clearer place, as part of the left side pane.

  • The lasso selection tool (drag) catches the right notes even after the region has been split and doesn’t show the full underlying MIDI file.

  • The session keeps playing when opening the piano roll.

  • With the synth interface popout at the top, changing the synth will immediately update the interface here as well.

  • A new note will snap to the grid only when the magnet button is active.

  • You can no longer create a new note on top of another note: rather than disappearing later it will now not appear in the first place.

  • The piano roll scroll bar will only be shown when it should be, i.e. when there notes outside of the shown region.

Audio engine horsepower

We tweaked the scheduling of audio and MIDI events so that it no longer “trips” with relatively high loads. At least, that’s our experience – every machine is different so we hope your experience got better, not worse!

Record breaking

As regions cannot fully overlap, you can no longer start a recording at the start time of an existing region on the same track. If you start a recording from the middle of an existing region, you will get an alert and the option to cancel or proceed. If you proceed, but stop recording before the end of that region, the recorded region will be discarded as it would otherwise be completely engulfed by the original region.

In addition to external audio inputs, tracks, groups, and buses, you can now also record audio straight from the Master bus or the Click Track. This is useful if you edit the click track somehow, record a session including some real time parameter tweaking, or… whichever creative use you have for it!

But wait, there’s more!

  • In addition to gluing any two or more regions on the same track, you can also glue multiple loop segments together so they form one large region.

  • You can now split a region by holding Command+Shift (Mac) or Control+Shift (Windows) and clicking where you want the region to be split.

  • You can drag audio relative to the region by holding Alt and Shift.

  • In Chrome, dials on FX and synths can now be dragged across the screen for extra range of movement. (This has always been possible in Firefox.)

  • You can move, delete and bypass FX immediately after creating them.

  • When automation is disabled for a parameter, its automation graph shows the static parameter value at the very left, regardless of where you are in the session.

  • The database is no longer asked to redo something when the redo list is empty.

  • Regions continue playing while their fades are being adjusted.

  • The Session Loop button in the header bar is activated immediately when drawing a new loop.

  • The instrument classification buttons on the track labels also work in Mixer view.

In parallel, we’ve been working on new FX and instruments, along with some drastic performance enhancements that we can’t wait for you to try.

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