Drum roll please...

Friday 5th February 2021
By Brecht De Man

Drumming up interest for the new Faders release

Another month, another Faders release. We are calling it v1.1.4, but don’t worry about that - it will be remembered as The Version That Brought You A Drum Machine!

Drum roll please...

The most exciting update by far is the introduction of Drummer, our very own drum machine. It comes with six built-in kits, curated from our sample provider Noiiz, with sixteen sounds each. In addition to the piano roll you can create beats from the sequencer view, by recording from the keyboard, or – in Google Chrome due to limitations of other browsers – from external MIDI devices! The samples are connected to standard MIDI notes for kick and snare drums, hi-hat and crash, percussion, ... from B0 (near the bottom of your keyboard) to G#2. You know, to keep things cymbal.

Start here, go anywhere

A small step for us, but a big leap for usability: a list of carefully programmed factory presets are now built-in to all synthesisers. You can now make music straight away, or use it as a starting point to tweak and make your own sounds. You can then store these as user presets that only you will see. Tell us what you think, or better yet – send us your work!

Sharing is caring

On that note, a number of issues plaguing the Bounce function have now be resolved, so you can easily download your songs and share it anywhere. Just click the downward arrow in the Session bar, select the right time and source, and give it a few seconds. You can also use this to export the audio of a single track or a group of sources.

Hard to beat

The introduction of the Drummer is hard to beat – ahem - but if you haven’t gone to try it out yet and are still reading, here are some other less glamorous fixes that we managed to ship:

  • Those who sign in with their Google account can now also sign up for our sporadic mailings.

  • As Safari is not currently fully supported, we included some clear warnings for those who dare to try it. Because of their current lack of support of audio applications, not much will work, but we hear that will change soon.

  • Applying a fade-in to a looped region also made it fade out to the end – no more.

  • Send automation is visible again in the Timeline.

  • Pan pots are more robust when double clicked to type in a value. They take any value from -100 to 100, or from 100L to 100R.

  • The clock, time signature and tempo accept any typed input, and reset to the previous value if it doesn’t match the requirements.

  • Selection boxes (rectangles which appear when you drag over the Timeline or piano roll) received an overhaul to more accurately and efficiently select a number of regions, automation nodes, or MIDI notes.

  • The Mixer meter value labels can be clicked to reset them to minus infinity.

  • The mini-fader on the Timeline level meters now updates the database, so that its setting is still remembered next time you open the session.

  • Our trusted Compressor started flipping the ratio slider on refresh, but we flipped it back. As with everything, your session should sound identical each time you close and open it.

  • Musical typing (when you control a synth or drum machine with the Computer Keyboard as input) consistently adds ONE octave up or down each time you hit the “+” and “-“ keys, regardless of how many MIDI tracks are or were enabled.

  • If you enable audition, MIDI note actions in the piano roll are made audible, but now more sparingly: once on selection, and then only when changing the note in pitch or length.

  • The piano roll got better at working with regions which had their start trimmed, placing new and moved notes exactly where they need to be.

That's all for today! Let us know how you find it and what we should work on next.

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