Thursday 7th January 2021
By Brecht De Man

Best wishes from the Faders team

Happy 2021! After an extensive upgrade behind the scenes, we have started pushing new versions of the platform last month and are happy with the first user tests. Please do reach out if you spot further bugs or have any comments on your experience using Faders.

New year, new Faders

The rigorous overhaul was aimed primarily at lowering the requirements, ensuring a smooth experience on even modest computers. If you already have a powerful machine, you may not notice many changes, as the interface and workflow remained mostly unchanged.

In parallel, part of our team worked on the smart and collaborative features we have in the pipeline, to be released throughout the next few months and weeks!

Veni MIDI vici

A new year, a new piano roll. The improved MIDI editor boasts a fully fledged take system, immediate visual feedback on the main Timeline, support for copying MIDI notes (by dragging with the Alt key depressed), and more stability throughout. If you switch to the powerful but constrained sequencer mode, you will see a warning to ensure you don’t lose information entered in the piano roll.

With the included loops from Noiiz, the Freesound search engine, and the built-in synths, you can make a whole production without even connecting a microphone.

Easter Eggs for Christmas

The more observant among you will have spotted some not-so-hidden holiday cheer these last few weeks… If you missed it, please wait another year, but maybe you will catch the following surprises:

  • Robust track duplication

  • Region gluing

  • Better workflow for editing track names (including double click to start editing, single click to move cursor, drag to select text, ...)

  • Meter improvements

Talk to you soon!

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