Updates 9th June 2020

Tuesday 9th June 2020
By Brecht De Man

An overview of all the fixes and improvements we've added this week

We need to talk

No, seriously! We created a forum at

where you can share more experiences, frustrations or feature requests, talk with other creators, as well as with the makers. You can just log in with your Faders account details. See you there!

UX-ed, we listened

We make it our priority to tackle all bugs which make some functionality unusable or even crash a session. Some other things, then, are just annoying and occasionally deserve our attention as well. With thanks to the community for pointing some of these out, the following fixes will no longer bug anyone.

  • The level value bubble on the Timeline meter doesn’t obstruct the input source dropdown anymore.

  • The combined group waveforms are updated immediately when a track is moved out of the group.

  • The input source dropdown no longer allows you to control what’s underneath it, like accidentally resizing tracks at the same time.

  • If you hit “Rescan” to see all audio track input sources, the menu stays open so you can see the (lightning fast) change happen.

  • Selecting an input source closes the dropdown again.

  • You can submit the “Bounce” modal with the enter key, as part of increasing keyboard support.

  • If any parameters are already automated when you show a track’s automation, you’ll first see the first one of them by default.

  • When dragging overlapping regions apart, their crossfade disappears. You can fade out and fade in the respective regions manually.

  • If you change the name of a Bus, all related Send slots in the Mixer view will update accordingly.

  • Moving the playhead (by clicking the ruler above the Timeline) will now also snap to the ticks, for exact playback or recording. If finer control is needed, the magnet button can be disabled.

Performance art

The eternal struggle of any engineer, we’re constantly aiming to do more with less. That means delivering smooth visuals and a powerful audio engine, without forcing you to buy a supercomputer. We’ve made significant progress in this area this week, as we’re hunting for unnecessary redrawing of our interface and other opportunities for improvement. Please tell us if you noticed the clock is no longer updated every few milliseconds!

Fix it in the mix

  • Track ordering, selection, and grouping actions are more robust as the underlying infrastructure is tidied up.

  • We fixed the automation graphs for Mute (upside down) and Send (used half of the height).

  • The piano roll scroll bar already shows the Timeline position on load.

  • The “Notes” you can leave on Timeline tracks no longer mess up the vertical alignment of the regions.

  • The clock now shows the correct playhead time, and can be used to move the playhead, from before any playback occurred.

  • Copying a region by dragging it while pressing alt takes immediate effect, rather than the original short delay.

  • The synth dropdown is no longer empty when you add a new MIDI track.

  • New audio files appear at the correct position even when the Timeline is scrolled a little ways into the session.

  • We support a wider range of time signatures, with numerators from 2 to 32, and divisions of half, quarter, eight or sixteenth notes. Please bear with us to make the Timeline flawless.

  • We found two boring but crucial bugs which breaks the session until you refresh, in particular when stopping recording before the count-in finishes, and when copying a region so that it overlaps with the original region. That should be robust now.

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